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Are we losing our heart? Why technique is so important.

Are we losing our heart?

Why technique is so important.

technique-Elena TecchiatiIt seems to be a paradoxical title, I know, and every time I want to make clear this concept, it takes me a while to explain exactly what I mean with it.


The thing is: what is the essence of expertise? It is the result of implicit and explicit knowledge, the first means practical experience and the second means the theoretical approach gained through training, and other resources such as videos, books, classes, conferences, etc.

But why is the theoretical approach so important?

Knowing what is behind your knowledge, the “why” and the “because” make you gain self-confidence and make you understand possible consequences for different courses of action.

Do you remember when you learnt how to drive? Well, I started in a very mechanical way, learning step by step and concentrating on one thing at a time. Then, repeating and repeating the actions, a kind of “instinctual” pilot came across and one day I could feel the flow in driving with pleasure and passion. I love driving, it relaxes me. I remember that when I used to live in Germany I drove a lot, a lot more than now, and I enjoyed the long journeys on the “Autobahn”. I am not stressed anymore in controlling my actions separately but the actions come naturally, and I can enjoy them.

Comparing the driving license to what we do, I think that the concept of doing things automatically and with passion and love is quite clear. Although I will add another example that will explain other types of activities that are more linked to our inner attitude.

When I started to work as a voice coach, a man called me in my office one day and explained that he would like to record a love song for his wife for her birthday, but that he has never sang in his life, at least not in front of an audience. He was aware that he was not able to sing and that he needed to learn some technique. The point is that he loved his wife, ok good, but this inner attitude was not enough to EXPRESS the feelings that he wanted to express.

Technique allows you to express what you really want to express. Knowing how to use the tool (in this case the voice) made possible to show and express the love and devotion that he wanted to put in his song. We worked on breathing technique, did a lot of vocal exercises and prepared the song in an appropriate way.

The same happens with other topics, for example leading others, managing teams, training and coaching people, whatever you want to do that has to do with concepts, details and people.

When it comes to doing things right, in an appropriate way and with the heart, do not rely only on how you feel and what you feel, it may not be enough.

Learning how to do it, the knowledge behind it, the pros and cons, is as important as experience, maybe in some cases much more. Remember that we can shape our experience through explicit knowledge (what we learn from books, training, school, etc.). The flow comes from repeating what you learnt in the right way. The consequence? Not only we do the things right, the flow makes us feel happy and complete with the whole environment.

That is why it is so important to know the technique behind our actions. This is also a reason why a master or a university degree has value in your CV.

If you like doing something, learn the technique behind it, it will become easier to be an expert, to be strategically more intelligent and as a consequence more successful.

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