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Inspiring leadership or influencing bosses?


Defining Leadership, according to different psychologists and theorists, we have to use the word “influence”. So: if Leadership is the art of influencing others, there must be ways of doing it in a way that people do not understand that it is influence. Or do they? It is more than this, it is about effective communication, about leading by example and about leading others like a torch in the night. 


The expression “Influencing others” seems to be part of unethical behavior, but the thing is: are we influencing others in order to do something good? A leader knows the direction of actions, has present visions and missions of the organization in which he works and is able to translate this into the visions and missions of his/her subordinates. He knows where the middle between the organizational’s and his/her employees’ needs is.

Very theoretical. How is it in concretely? 

Inspiring others through very concrete actions and believing in it is the first step in order to be an effective leader. When we believe in something and we work in order to achieve our goals in this “something”, we are able to be more effective, more charismatic and more positive. Positivity leads us to success and success is not coming randomly: 80% is strategy, only 20% is action. 

Check your attitude towards your actions, your strategy and your visions. Choose the right steps according to these and be aware of the obstacle you may find. Communicate transparently, look for regular communication with others and be objective and respectful in your daily speeches. 

Being charismatic is a matter of communication, inspiring others is a matter of charisma, attitude and positivity.

Being an effective leader is a matter of positive influence.

Elena Tecchiati

CDC Leadership


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