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For a Merry Christmas

And like every year, here we are, buying Christmas presents, decorating the house, baking cookies and cakes and booking the flights to fly home. What is actually Christmas? Sure, the religious feast, the day in which Jesus was born. Did you forget? What is the meaning of Christmas for you?

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I remember when I was a child that in the night before the 25th I put some cookies and some hay in front of the door of my balcony, because Jesus was coming on the back of his donkey bringing me the presents I was waiting for. I can’t remember the day they told me it wasn’t true, anyway, I still think it was nice. But just one thing I kept asking myself: if this is the feast of Jesus birth, how can he come to my house on his donkey? And, was it the same donkey who was standing in the hut where Jesus was born? I was a lillte bit confused, but the answers of my parents and of the teacher in the kindergarten were worse.

For most of us Christmas is peace, staying at home next to the family and sharing some quite moments. These are the moments where we can communicate our feelings to others, trying to solve conflicts, being open and clear. But still silence can say more than 1000 words on a day like this. Christmas can be a present itself, enjoy.

I wish you happy holidays, whenever you are, and don’t forget the ones that possess less than you.

Merry Christmas.

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