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Are you able to create an effective open-door-policy?

Are you able to create an effective open-door-policy?

When I talk to my clients about the open-door-policy, they get normally complain about the factor “time”. Should I leave the door open and than expect that everybody can come in whenever they want?

Open-door-policy is a matter of attitude and communication. Open-door-policy is about creating something special at your workplace.

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A “healthy” open-door-policy starts with a positive atmosphere at work, with the attitude of open communication and delegating at the same time.

Your role as leader is not about helping and doing the job of someone else, it is moreover about creating an atmosphere of motivation, delegation and open human relationships.

How can you create an effective open-door-policy at work?

First of all with: a lot of patience. Sometimes leaders tend to to do micromanagement (using a lot of autocracy and control) because of lack of time. Instead of taking the time for their people and their development, they tend to do-it-all-themselves in order to save time. Big mistake! At the long run you will actually loose time, as only continuity can assure you the best results.

Lead by example: you can also ask them if you need a feedback or any other piece of information. Good communication is a two way street.

Thank them for the time you spend together, for sharing their thoughts and pieces of information with you, let them feel you care.

Learn how to make effective questions and let them time to think. Use open questions if you want them to think about the topic, to develop new ideas, to be intellectually stimulated. It is not about what you say, but about how you ask.

Use an open and present body language, do not lie back on your chair showing distance and relaxing. Be aware of active and more present body language, use your mimic, your smile and your voice tone to motivate and to take out the best of them. Be a leader-coach, not a boss.

Make that every person in your team feels how great it is to communicate to each other, to share ideas, opinions and pieces of information. Let them grow in this environment, showing that everybody is responsible for their own work, for their own development.

You are responsible for the positive atmosphere in your team, you can manage it.
What do you do in your team to create a warm communication environment?


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