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Sometimes it is frustrating when you want something so bad and you cannot have it. Sometimes it is better to let it go, to wait and just accept the situation.

Relationships_Elena  TecchiatiAccepting is a matter of maturity and love, love for yourself, for preventing you from suffering.

When you are expecting something and you don’t get it, than you are frustrated, sad, disoriented. So it is better not to wait, not to expect, not to want it so bad.

In my life I have had a lot of disappointments, like many other persons I am sure. I learnt not to expect, but in some cases I still fall into it and lose my heart in expectations.

Relationships can be clear, pure and authentic: It is a matter of transparency, respect and reciprocity. Relationships could be so easy if everybody could communicate with these values.

I realize though that it is very hard to connect the heart with the mind. You head knows, your heart comes later. Or it will never understand it. One strategy helps me: do not think of a white elephant. What do you do then? You will think of a white elephant! Then, the only helpful strategy, you will think of a pink elephant, or of a black, or of a purple… anyway, keep yourself busy, it is a good strategy. But when it comes to sadness, sometimes it is good to clean you up and live it. Cry or stay alone, enjoy it. Yes, you have read it: enjoy your sadness, because better times will come and you will enjoy them more.

Do not think that every relationship is the same, the way you live it is different every time. Love and respect are something that you can give away without being afraid of losing part of them, so feel free to use them.

Once my father told me: “do not expect too much from people, but give a lot to people you trust”. What is trust? You need time to build it and then in just a couple of seconds you can destroy it. I did a lot of mistakes in my life, I learnt a lot, and I am doing my best not to repeat them.

When different values are crushing you can think you did a mistake, only time can tell. What I am saying is that in relationships sometimes we act in a way that differs from the others’ way of living because of our differences in values, and it is human. Everybody has her/his own way of living her/his life.

Be aware of your values and accept others’ points of view, try to detect others’ needs and points of view, for better relationships and better and happier life.

Love, live, enjoy.








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