It is easy to prevent conflicts at work!

Proposal for training and personal development for the resolution and prevention of conflicts and/or critical conversations in your company. 

We share the world with other people and not always the same perspective of life. Although we are almost always governed by the same rules and laws, sometimes we have to face conflicts and differences of opinions in order to get ahead.

As Conflict Manager I offer personalized consulting and training to successfully manage and prevent conflict situations through: 

  • Individual and team coaching
  • Training in the fields of:
    • Resolution and prevention of conflicts at work
    • Negotiation
    • Assertive communication
    • Work in multicultural and diverse teams
    • Emotional Intelligence and emotional management
    • Customer service and customer focused communication
    • Give and receive feedback – how to establish a culture of feedback and growth in your company
  • Specific interventions in cases of internal conflicts between colleagues or between departments in your organization
  • Training programs for managers in Experts in Conflictology

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, German.

I collaborate with different professionals to offer the best quality in each field of training and development.

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