In-company business training

In-company business training
to optimize effective communication
and prevent conflicts at work

Do you want to offer a communication training in your company to prevent and solve conflicts at work?

I am a communication trainer giving workshops and trainings in companies, business schools, and universities in the following areas:

  1. Effective Organizational Communication.
  2. Non verbal Communication.
  3. Communication and Leadership.
  4. Public Speaking and Impactful Presentations.
  5. Voice, Language and Personal Brand.
  6. Online and Presence Negotiations.
  7. Costumer Focused Communication.
  8. Communication in a global environment (interculturality).
  9. Self-Leadership.
  10. Change Management.

Through this business training the participants will be able to:

    1. Communicate more assertively.
    2. Prevent conflicts through effective communication.
    3. Feel more self-confident in business meetings and conversations.
    4. Focus on the objectives of their work effectively.
    5. Improve their performance through the optimization of internal communication.
    6. Mejorar la comunicación con clientes internos y externos.
    7. Improve communication with internal and external customers.
    8. Understanding the nonverbal communication of the other partners.

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