Public Speaking

Individual course of ``Public Speaking``

Discover which are the most effective strategies to impact and convince your audience in your next presentation.

In a personalized course of 6 individual hours you will discover how to acquire confidence and know the keys of public speaking, how to make effective argumentations, how to effectively transmit what you want to communicate and captivate your potential clients.

This course will introduce you to the fascinating world of oral communication to awaken a real interest in you as a speaker and above all in what you sell or want to communicate, so you can perceive the value you have to offer.

What does this course include?

  • A 60 minute webinar where I explain the theory on how to speak effectively in front of an audience. It is a webinar reserved only for those who are having the face-to-face training.
  • 4 individual sessions of 1,5 hours, where you will learn techniques and keys to look natural, and to gain confidence when you are giving your talk.
  • You can choose in which language you want to receive this course: in Spanish, English, Italian or German.

To receive the details of the course, contact me here and write in comments “Public Speaking”.

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