Virtual training: webinars and online courses

Virtual training: webinars and online courses

Since 2005 I have given more than 300 trainings in public speaking, voice and breathing technique for managers, presentations of impact, and effective communication in countries such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA and China.

In each workshop, training, webinar or online course in addition to sharing knowledge, I generate moments of reflection that lead to action.

Each training process is specially designed for each client, and at the same time serves as an essential element of a larger development program.

Only those who attend are able to live a unique transformation experience.

It is the reflection itself and the practice, which allows us to know those of other people who are in the same evolutionary instance.

I am a communication trainer giving workshops and trainings in companies, business schools, and universities in the following areas:

  1. Effective Organizational Communication.
  2. Non verbal Communication.
  3. Communication and Leadership.
  4. Public Speaking and Impactful Presentations.
  5. Voice, Language and Personal Brand.
  6. Online and Presence Negotiations.
  7. Costumer Focused Communication.
  8. Communication in a global environment (interculturality).
  9. Self-Leadership.
  10. Change Management.

I'm a PCC coach accredited by ICF