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When is a crisis a challenge? Take your chance in times of crises

We have just entered a time of crisis, a period of worries, changes, and big challenges in an indescribable way.

Take your chance in times of crises, turn this time into a better time.

All started all of a sudden, and now it seems it has no end. Maybe you wake up in the morning thinking that everything was only a bad nightmare, hoping that later in the afternoon everything is getting better, that someone found the solution and the vaccination is ready. But no: the crises is still there.

Hoping that you can go out with friends in the evening, but then you realized that your everyday life has changed. The latest news is scaring you, you feel disoriented and a sensation of sadness and surprise is overwhelming you.

It sounds paradox, but now it is time to act in a way that you can change the world, changing your reality. Sounds crazy?

As a result, this crisis is transforming our society. Take your chance.

As you may know, in many countries we are already experiencing restrictions to go out, so that our activities are different and it seems like life has changed completely.

People are dying, it is time to take is seriously and to stay at home and keep distance in order to save lives.

Taking the following actions can help you living this period with hope and effectiveness, focusing on your circle of influence, it means focusing on what you can do, and not on what you cannot change.

  1. Take time to understand your emotions.

It is ok if you are sad, surprised, or upset. Take time to understand your feelings and your thoughts. Take time to orientate yourself, to turn inwards. It is the time to change for better. The chance: introspection, meditation, embracing humanity and collaboration.

  1. Order your thoughts.

Take time to understand where your chance is. Maybe you lost your job, maybe your activity is closed because of the virus. Ok, you cannot change it. What can you do now? What is the challenge here? Reinvent yourself, be proud of our digital reality and look for your new possibility, think out of the box. If you are struggling with this, ask for support, ask your friends where they see possibilities and chances for you.

  1. Focus on what you can do.

You have the choice now: spending your time worrying and blaming others for your loss and for the crisis, trying to find who is responsible for everything. Your focus: where is your circle of influence? What can you change directly? What can you do actively every day? Focus on your strengths, your skills and possibilities.

  1. Your to-do-list.

Prepare now actively a list of all the activities you want to do, such as reading or looking for another job, or preparing your CV or whatever is in your “power” in order to be effective. Don’t lose time worrying about what you can’t change. It is the time to be creative and proactive, more than before!

  1. Set your calendar.

Prepare a calendar with the activities you want to focus on. Be selective, and choose effectiveness instead of laziness. Prepare your calendar on Sunday and make a review every evening to adjust it.

  1. Remember your social relationships.

If you are isolated physically, don’t forget you have telephone and the chance of videoconferences. Set up calls with the persons you love and you don’t want to forget. Prepare a “glass of wine together” virtually and look for the best way of staying in touch with others.

  1. Be active helping who needs you.

There may be people around you in need for help, and this help can be from going to the grocery store until taking them out of the social isolation with only a telephone call expressing “I am not forgetting you”. Support is everything in times of crisis.

  1. Do what you always wanted to do and you have never had the time for.

Is there anything you wanted to do and you have never had the time for it? Reading a certain book? Learning to play the guitar? Writing a book? Well…now it is the time, and in the web you can find courses, readings, movies… the world is offering more than what you think. Also there are professionals who are offering their services remote.

  1. Eat healthy.

Take the time to cook and to eat healthy. Prepare fresh food, vegetables, drink enough and do some stretching activity every now and then if you are sitting all the time.

  1. Take time to relax.

It is ok if you relax and take time for you now. Love yourself means taking care of yourself. If you are in a stressful situation because you work in a hospital or in a supermarket, take time for you when you can, to stay healthy and safe.

Only you can turn this time in a creative and proactive time.

As a consequence and best practice: Take the chance, don’t miss it.

You may think I am too optimistic. I am not forgetting what is happening in the world, I remind you that my family is in Milan, Italy and I reside in Barcelona, Spain. I know what is happening in the world and I know that the best we can do now is to stay calm, stay at home and use this time in an intelligent way.

Thank you for reading.

If you need further help and support, please get in touch with me at for individual help in times of crises.

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