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Can you communicate LOVE?

Are you able to communicate “LOVE”?

Love Comm _ Elena TecchiatiWords are cheap, we know this very well. Everybody who has been disappointed knows exactly what I mean.

In many cases it is not easy to speak the same love language and I am not talking only about love affairs (which is sure one of the most important issues in our life), but I am speaking generally about all the relationships we generate throughout our life.

Imagine the concept LOVE as the concept of mutual respect taking the other as the perfect human being, not less or more important than you. If we were able to think like this and to maintain this attitude towards others the world would be free from many conflicts and wars.

There are different ways of communicating love in our daily life, and it could be more or less intense if the other person is the ONE in our life. In this case, as I am writing for a more “business” audience, I would like to point out that I refer to love as the concept mentioned above, respect and equality.

Spend quality time with the other.

Learn how to listen, do not let your cell phone or other devices stay in your conversation. Try to understand exactly what the other person means and follow her thoughts. Stay with the other when she is speaking about herself. Don’t change the topic talking about you. Now she is talking about herself, give her your full attention.

Do not judge if you are not asked to comment or to give solutions.

In many cases people only want to be listened and not to find a solution for something that YOU think is a problem. You can offer help, you can offer to think over a solution, but do not give feedback or do not jump into the “I want to fix it-syndrome”.

Be sincere, but don’t kill through your sincerity.

“I think your new haircut does not fit you.” Have you ever heard it? Does it hurt? First of all, it is YOUR opinion, second, have you been asked to give your opinion? And at the end, what does it change? She has already had her hair cut, your feedback only would hurt and nothing else. Remember: there are different ways of communicating opinions and ideas and to play the “I know it all” in these cases only can hurt.

Appreciate others’ ideas and opinions, even though they are far away from yours.

My way of seeing things is not the center of the world. Even though, it is the way I live and I act. The others around me may have the same thoughts about their way of living their life. Respect others’ ideas, reflect with them about them and show you care. A good conversation and discussion should be polite, but it does not mean you share the same opinion.

Learn how to eliminate specific sentences from your vocabulary.

Sentences such as “you must” or “you should” express your higher position in your communication setting. They also express obligation, feel strong and heavy. Learn instead to express wishes and positivity using maybe sentences such as “maybe you could think of…” or “have you ever thought of…”

Show a body language orientate to the other.

Your shoulders and the whole body should show you care, should show you are in an active communication with the other. Your voice should not be too loud or too soft, just adequate to the distance and communication topic. Observe how others communicate through their body and voice in order to learn from them and to correct yourself.

The list could be longer, start with these pieces of advice to enhance your communication skills in order to reach more satisfaction and happiness in your daily life.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting.

Happy Easter Holidays!

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